Walnut Date Truffles

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Walnut Date Truffles
Christmas celebrations are not part of Moroccan culture. Therefore we do not have special or typical recipes for this time of the year. Yet I couldn’t miss this opportunity to create and offer you some “Christmas” recipes with Moroccan flavors. If you are looking for an original dish to impress your guests, this is for you!
What’s better than a sweet treat to open this holiday season? In Morocco, Medjool dates are the most refined treat you can offer to your guests. It is a famous date variety, characterized by its big size and its plump flesh. Also called the king’s fruit, it is considered as a luxury product. Theses dates are mostly served in important ceremonies and celebrations such as weddings, baptism etc. In fact, traditionally, in Morocco, the fiancé’s family has to bring to the bride-to-be an offering of dates stuffed with walnuts. These dates are then served with a glass of milk aromatized with orange blossom.

This nice tradition inspired me for a ‘truffle’ recipe. It is an ideal recipe: sweet and comforting and yet healthy! Vegan, with no sugar or fat added, with only raw ingredients, these sweets are a light alternative – but delicious though – to traditional chocolate truffles. They are perfect for desert with a cup of coffee or at teatime. And they are so beautiful that you can even use them as a homemade Christmas gift!
Walnut Date Truffles

Walnut Date Truffles
Gives approx. 20 truffles

0,5 pound / 250 g Medjool
4 oz / 120 g shelled walnuts
5 cardamom seeds
1 tbsp rose water (optional)

For the coating
1 oz / 30 g coconut powder
1 oz / 30 g cacao powder + 1 small tsp coffee

Heat the cardamom on a pan, over medium flame, for about 5 minutes. Remove the envelop of the cardamom seeds. Grind the cardamom in a spice or a coffee grinder.
In a coffee grinder or in your favorite food processor, grind the walnuts. Stone the dates and mix them in a food processor. Add the walnut powder, the cardamom, and the rose water. Mix all together. Make beautiful round balls.

Roll half of the balls in the coconut powder, and the other half in the mix of cacao / coffee. Keep the truffles in the fridge. Remove just before serving.